Online Mememorials

Khloie and Sasha

My little "IE" I'm so lost without you and your sister Sasha. She had to go just 3 months before you. You held on to finish the things left to do. You made sure I knew that I was loved and knew that you also felt loved. You both took care of me in ways I'm still finding out. Sasha my protector and you my Khloie my cuddle bug. You even personally made sure to pick out another so I wouldn't completely fall into despair and give up. Once that was done and satisfied a bond was starting to form, you were ready. You climbed on our bed, a final few kisses and cuddled in my arms. You are now with your sister happy to be together again.
Thank you both for the honor and privilege of being your human. You never gave up on me, didn't let me lose what was left of my humanity, made me feel love and safe. You reminded me that there was still love and gentleness in my life and heart. You always listened to me without judgment, calmed my insanity, showed me compassion, gave forgiveness, silliness, laughter and so much more.
Now as I'm so heartbroken, I would change nothing and would do it all again. Even knowing the end pain. I cry,cry and cry even more. Then remember a moment and laugh. I have moments of forgetfulness that you are no longer here and cry more. My life forever changed in countless ways.
You knew I would want to refuse to participate in life without you. You knew my journey was not done. You knew I would forget that there is still love in my heart. I'm so grateful for you sharing your short life with me. You knew that I would CHERISH your parting gift to me most, Sadie. She is making sure to carefully do some of the things you taught her with her own style. She is a piece of both of you. She kisses my tears, makes me get out of bed, does something silly to make me laugh. She knows she has big paws to fill and is finding her way. We have new routines and trying to create our own unique memories. So as always, you were right, I DO CHERISH YOUR FINAL GIFT. I love and miss you in a way that there is no word created. I know you will be waiting by the gate when it's my time. Until then I will hold you at a place in my heart that can only be filled by you. My girls Khloie and Sasha 💜💜💜