Online Mememorials

Kendall “Mamma” Crusoe


You have meant so much to me from the instant we met and adopted you from the Jacksonville Humane Society. God blessed you and I with a strong, loyal and most of all loving bond that I know I will cherish FOREVER! You were a tough cookie all the way through to the end and never let us know you were in pain. I already miss giving you your Milk Bones and how just knowing that you were by my side was comforting in itself. You and I had been through alot together in your 16 was you who I turned to for comfort. I Love You to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond.

Thank you for being so wonderfully nice and patient with Ricky—you accepted him as your brother and was always so tolerant and nice to him. Everyone that knew you thought of you as a “special dog”, and to me you were so so much more than just special. You were truly loved and cared about by so many who knew you and everyone knows how much love I have for you.

Today was so difficult to bring you and it was even more so harder to leave you. I know you went in peace and are now resting in peace in heaven with God and Dad. Please know I struggled with this decision since May and didn’t give in to anyone. My heart and mind listened to you and your signals. Cuddling you during your passing and for a long while after was so very difficult. I am grateful to Four Paws Animal Hosptal for the care and empathy they always showed you.

I LOVE YOU MY BABY GIRL, MY PRETTY GIRL, MY MAMMA SITA IN THE WIND (you loved sticking your head out of the car window)