Online Mememorials


4/2/02 - 2/26/19

.....  ' 17 years ago she was a homeless little puppy wandering down the sidewalk. When I got out of my car she followed me all around. When I went back to my car to leave she jumped in and refused to get out. Eric was home sick and I took her under the guise of ' here I brought you a puppy to make you feel better' his response, ' you know we can't keep her , after a few days I said' well I guess I have to take her back to the road and drop her off as I knew he would he said , ' no she can stay .

We had so many fun times at the park, wrestling, and of course all of her big kisses and many games she loved to play. What a personality and sweetness with a giant sense of humor. Just plain silly. I remember how everyone always asked about her , including strangers on our walks. She really had a magic. We are so happy that our baby girl didn't pass alone and we were here to comfort her in her last days and final moment. What a trooper she was.

Its a mixture of happiness and sadness but mostly gratefulness to have had such a bundle of happiness added to our lives.

We miss you baby girl.

Loved so much by the Stokes Family.