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0000-00-00 - 2/22/18

Kali ,
You were a good, sweet girl and a friend and companion to all your people. You were a protector when your grandma walked in the backyard with you, making sure no squirrel or rabbit got near. Just being there for her was more than enough. You were an ear that listened no matter what the story was.
You were tolerant of the other dogs that shared your porch with you and ate with you at dinner time. You tried to play and keep up with them even in your elder years.
When you were young you could jump higher than the fence, leaping straight up from all fours, but you never jumped over that fence, not interested in leaving your big yard. You would play a game of hide and seek by hiding in the taller grass, thinking nobody could see you.
You were very patient while waiting for your people to return from their goings, no matter how long they were gone, minutes, hours, or years.
You will be sorely missed in our family and it will be strange not seeing you in our back yard.
We love you so very much!!

Loved by the Hedden's Family.