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K9 Royal

Died – 8/17/18
Handler – Constable Chinnababu

Teary eyed Nalgonda bomb squad lays canine Royal to rest with full police honors in Hyderabad

Royal, the longest-serving canine of Nalgonda bomb squad of the Hyderabad police, was laid to rest on Friday with full police honors. He was responsible for probing the Narayanadri Express bomb hoax in 2008. On Friday, the Nalgonda police department laid one of their own to rest in what turned out to be an emotion-laded ceremony. An indispensable part of the squad team for over 10 years, sniffer dog Royal was buried with police honors at the Canine Training Centre (CTC) here. Records maintained by the city police state that the four-legged Braveheart was born in 2007. He was deployed to the Nalgonda district unit after being trained at the Integrated Intelligence Training Academy (IITA) in Moinabad about 30 kilometres from state capital Hyderabad. Suresh Kumar, DSP (Armed Reserve) told the Hindu that Royal was the oldest serving canine in the Nalgonda unit since its inception in 1998. A sniffer, Royal was tasked with sniffing out suspicious material including contraband, explosives, and drugs. While his efforts aided several police investigations along the years, he was also responsible for investigating a bomb hoax on the Narayanadri Express in 2008. Throughout his deployment with the Nalgonda unit, Royal carried out security preparations for VIP visits and large public gatherings. After completing his duty as a sniffer, he was retired from active service in May 2017 owing to ailment and old age. Media reports suggest that he was always a sniffer and not a tracker due to the fact that canines are assigned a single duty out of the two. Royal’s handler ever since he was 40 days old, police constable Chinnababu was seen overcoming with emotions at the time of the burial which was accompanied by police honors.