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K9 Drak

RIP K9 Drak, Farmington PD. Thank you for your service

K9 Drak started his career at the age of 2 1/2 years old with the Farmington Police Department with Officer Joe Capodiferro, now retired. K9 Drak spent 9 years as a duel purpose K9 with patrol and narcotics. In his career he was responsible for apprehension of bank robbers, numerous narcotics arrests, shoplifting arrests and assisted in locating an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. He was also the runner up for the Daniel Wasson Award, a Milford K9 Police Officer who died in the line of duty,, for outstanding service.(Ret) Officer Capodiferro shares that one of his fondest memories is K9 Drak, was his ability to go to schools or interact with seniors or people with intellectual disabilities and was a calming and loving presence that made all who met him love him. He also had the ability to change gears at a moments notice when called to duty. In 2010 during a Bristol bank robbery that made it’s way to Farmington with the suspects taking a hostage of a Farmington residence, in addition to shooting at police officers, K9 Drak was responsible for tracking the suspect to the home of the hostage scene allowing the officers to apprehend the suspect and thus saving the homeowner’s life. When off duty K9 Drak became a member of Officer Capodiferro’s family. Integrating nicely with his wife, ans two children and two other family pets. He was known for being OFF DUTY at home. When the doorbell rang, it was the job of the other dogs! He loved car rides and took over the car he was in from the Police cruiser to any family vehicle. He was Joe’s constant shadow, never leaving his side, when Joe got up so did Drak, when Joe left the room, so did Drak. If Joe was sick and Drak needed to go outside – he waited for Joe to take him. K9 Drak will be missed by his family and most of all Joe, who he showed the ultimate loyalty too. Never leaving his side and never letting him down. During Drak’s retirement, when Joe would leave for the day he wondered why he couldn’t go with him! He celebrated his 15th birthday in April with a spa day and special birthday cake and mentions on radio and TV too. For several weeks leading up to Monday July 2, 2018 Drak had shown signs of physical deterioration. He was losing control of his body and was unable to stand for any length of time and extremely arthritic. Although this was not a descison Joe or his family wanted, it was a decision made by Drak on the morning of July 2, 2018 when he and Joe, partners understood each other and Joe knew he had to honor his best friend and do what was best for him. Drak crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully at 9:15am on Monday July 2, 2018. He is now patrolling with Joe and will never leave his side watching over him while he works, except when he’s off duty, the same rules still apply, that’s the job of the other two dogs. K9 Drak will be missed and remembered as a Hero to the men and women behind the badge at the Farmington Police Department and beyond. The entire iHeartCommunities Team wishes to send their love to the entire Capodiferro family, as K9 Drak was a friend to our station and we so enjoyed meeting him and seeing him at fundraisers, helping the community.