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0000-00-00 - 7/20/17

To my inquisitive, fearless, loving, precious Jaz.

Today marks 1 week since you passed away. I was not ready, and when I find you laying there gone, it felt like the wind had been taken from me. I was devastated! This house doesn't feel like home without you, every time I look over in the place where you slept, it is a harsh reality of you passing and it breaks me down. I'm so sorry that I didn't recognize the signs of a problem when you weren't eating like you usually did. I'm sorry for the nights I fell asleep and left you out alone in the dark. I'm so sorry for not allowing you to roam free and explore your home. I'm sorry for not being attentive and supportive to your needs. My breaks because I feel like I should or could have done something to save you. But now you're gone. I don't want to go anywhere, I do anything, or be around others, cause it's a chance I may ruin the fun for others with my crying. So I stay home because I feel a sense of being near you, I know it won't bring you back. I keep seeing the sadness in your eyes and it tears me up inside. I miss all the happiness and laughter you brought into our lives. I will keep you near and protect you until we meet again.

Love you always... Mom

Loved by his Mom Yolanda Porter