Online Mememorials

James Dunworth

2005 - 2018

Today, June 5th 2018, I lost my best friend of nearly 13 years. She has loved me unconditionally and been the source of so much joy. I met her when she was only a few days old and when I picked her up for the first time, she sucked my thumb. Her eyes weren’t even open yet. I didn’t choose her. She chose me. She loves to catch the frisbee and chase squirrels or course. And I don’t know why but seeing airplane contrails in the sky really got her goat, lol. She had a loving and playful personality. She loved life and loved us. She hated the cowboys, mainly because I would get loud. She didn’t like it when I got upset so she would jump into my lap (all 50 lbs of her) and sit so I couldn’t see the tv. 😂. All these years I thought I was taking care of her when really, she was taking care of me. I love you Macy. Man’s best friend.