Online Mememorials


2005 - 2020

You will always be a part of our family. We brought you into our lives when you were 8 weeks old and you have been a very important part of our family. There will be many days that something will remind me of you and my tears will be of sorrow and joy. Thank you Itzsa Anastasia Smith for all the love you gave us throughout your life. You will not be forgotten as I gaze upon your photos and your urn box. You are now chasing the squirrels in heaven across the Rainbow Bridge. We will be reunited in Heaven and have fun with each other once again. I pray that they have pizza crust, Pupcorn and Iam's Dog Food there for the Angels to give you. Once again, when we are reunited I will take you on plenty of walks and hold you close to me. You are always with me in my heart. Love, kisses and my final goodbye (for now) to you Itzsa.