Online Mememorials

• Hunter •


You came into my life 14 years ago as a puppy. Little did I know you would become the most important thing in my life.

You saw me at my worst, you saw me at my best. You made me my best. You were always at your best, no matter what my mood was, you instantly made me smile.

You were not lucky to have me, I was lucky to have you.

I will never forgot how you loved to bark with a toy in your mouth...I have no idea how you learned this, but that’s just something that made you even more special and unique.

I will never forget a second of our time together. I love you from the bottom of my heart and you will always live on with me in spirit. So many people reached out to me when you passed because you left such an impression on everyone you met.

I got your paw tattooed oh my shoulder next to your initial that I got years ago. But you already knew I was going to do that because we talked about it :)

I love you hunter. Now go grab a toy and start barking at the door.