Online Mememorials


It's hard to communicate how much of an impact you made on my life. We found each other when I was single, starting my business and feeling alone. Over the years you became more than just my beloved pet, you became my best friend. You were so wise - you became my guide, my teacher, and my partner in crime. You accepted me for me and I appreciated that from you. When I was sick, feeling blue or having a bad day, you were right there to cheer me up. I miss the days where you'd ride in the car as my co-pilot working with me all day - you were amazing with all the animals in my care. You had the patience of a saint and never once did you harbor resentment when I gave love and affection to others around you. You left my world so very fast. Just nine short days after being diagnosed. I still can't believe my little blonde is in heaven, but I know you knew you were leaving me in good hands with your new Daddy. Gussy, in the ten short years we had together, you guided me through some very dark days. I love you more than words can describe and miss you terribly. I know G-d had another plan for you and your job here was complete. I hope your next Momma understands how special you are and how much love you have to give and thanks you daily like I did, for being you.