Online Mememorials

Gracie Mae

I was given Gracie Mae as a puppy for Christmas 2003 from my brother. No one knew at the time that the gift he was giving me would be the best thing to happen in my life. Gracie and I were bonded from the instant she was placed into my arms. Gracie grew up with so many people loving her and with so many other furry friends to play with. A time came in our lives where we made a state to state move and then it was just her and I and we needed each other more than ever. Gracie was my constant companion. She went everywhere with me she could. There will never be another dog that will come into my life like her. Gracie loved her family and she loved to chase lizards and squirrels and birds. She loved to chase the "fly" that would get into the house when the door was open. She loved laying in the warm FL sun and getting nice and warm. My favorite thing was when she was warm she smelled so sweet and I would just sit there holding her and smelling her warmth. I miss her tremendously. Gracie was Gracie Mae on paper but she was my "snuggle bug", my "sugar boog", my "stinker face", and my "angel baby". She knew all the sweet nicknames. She is missed by so many people. Gracie, momma misses you and I will see you again one day. Until then, watch over me and know that wherever I go, you will be too. I love you baby angel. You were the bestest good girl in the whole wide world.