Online Mememorials


4/1/06 - 3/15/18

Sweet Gracie,

You came into our lives at a difficult time but quickly captured our hearts with your awkward long legs, funny personality and adorable under-bite. We remember how fast you could run, our G-racer, and how you loved to tug and chase your duck. You made us laugh, smile and cringe with your gross hygiene habits, but we loved you just the same.

You were such a good big sister to Emma as you let her invade your turf and nip at your heels constantly. You both moved with us 5 different times and rolled with the changes so well. The two of you did just about everything together for 11 years and she can feel your loss. Emma will miss her big sister.

Whether you liked it or not, Ruby seems to have enjoyed being a part of our wolf pack, and you again were a wonderful big sister to a rowdy and rambunctious puppy. She tested your patience, but you rarely snapped. She thanks you for letting her lick your face whenever she wanted.

Your desire to be an obedient good girl was enduring, and you set a good example for Emma and Ruby. You loved treats and cheese and bones and any food that might hit the floor, our little vacuum cleaner. You kept your ears constantly alert for those key words and definitely got the most excited for any kind of treat. And although you constantly faltered during bad weather, we now have plenty of spots around the house that remind us of you.

Your daddy will miss the late nights when you would sleep on the couch while he worked and the way you would hog the covers at night. Your mama will miss you following her around in the mornings while she gets ready. We both suspect that you were simply staying close to whomever was closest to the kitchen, but we like to think you also just liked to be with us.

Your name was so appropriate as you seemed to constantly show and demand grace. You certainly tested our patience at times with your stubbornness: taking you on walks could be maddening. However, I can't help but think God put you in our lives for that very reason. Thank you for teaching us patience and how to be gracious to others. Any time we hear the word grace we will picture your cute little face with those expectant eyes and that glaring tooth.

You deserved a good life, so we hope we loved you well. Overall it has been a wonderful 12 years having you with us. You became such a regular part of our lives, we struggle to imagine life without you now. We will always remember the good times and will enjoy looking at the thousands of pictures and videos that document your precious life. We pray that you are running free with Annie, Sarah, Molly and Izzie. Eat all the treats you want baby girl. Bask in the sunshine and be that happy good girl we know you are.
Thank you for loving us so much.
We'll see you soon.

Loved so much by the Ingram Family