Online Mememorials


From taking hikes on the austin trails,to sleeping and lounging at my feet, Gracie did everything with me and lived everyday as if it were her last. She had one major near death experience where she wqs viciously attacked by a larger dog, causing her to need extensive surgery. She survived that and lived as if nothing ever happened. That was years ago. Gracie was the best dog i’ve ever encountered. She loved kids, cats, and even rodents. She was very obedient and was always eager to please. My relatives loved her and they hated dogs. She loved treats and had energy for any adventure. As she aged her spirit never changed. She wasn’t afraid of anything. I considered making her therapy dog because her tempermant was that good. She never hurt a soul. She was there for me when i was hurting and didnt have anyone else. The least i could do was do the same. I woke up one sunday and saw her laying lifeless. She didnt come when i called her and that was very scary. She had swallowed something and given how strong she was i thought she would live. But one sunday she looked dead. She was barely breathing and didnt move a muscle when i lifted her. That was the hardest thing ever to see my best friend suffering and the once energetic, lively dog, barely able to keep her head up. She was drooling and had her tounge sticking out. I knew it was time. But i didn’t want to accept it. I sobbed in the waiting room of the vets office as they tried to help her. Finally they told me she was in shock and they were able to stablize her but that she wouldn’t make it. She was hurting. I did what was best and we put her to sleep. My family and i sat in the back room with her as they put her to rest. I stood right in front of her, making sure she saw me and pet her soft head thanking her for everything shes done for me. Then a piece of me died. Even after time has passed it still hurts everyday and i still hope to come home to her, thinking maybe it wasn’t real. I try not to remember her from her last days because i know that isnt fair to her. so i don’t. i remember the days that we lounged on the couch and the days that we went swimming at the lake. I remember the sounds of her howling and nails clicking against the tile. I remeber her soft eyes gazing into mine and i remember the day she got out of the yard and surprised me at school. Years and years may pass but i will never forget her and will always be thinking of her.