Online Mememorials


2004 - 2018

Sweet GiGi, with your soft fur and lovely fluffy tail, there was no warning that you were going to leave us. The neurological problem you had at the start of the year apparently reared its head and took you. You were getting to be more and more affectionate, and I thought you would be my next sleeping partner kitty. Such a beautiful kitty who was so camera shy, just turning on the camera sent you hiding. Took your picture at vet visit, just to have your photo.
Sketti sure misses you. You were his special girlfriend. Lucky followed you to the Rainbow Bridge a mere 6 days later. I know you met him there with your fluffy tail waving and your little trilling purr saying welcome. You are sorely missed, your sister Bianca is doing her best to give extra love to me. You will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me and the rest of the kitties.