Online Mememorials


I found my sweet boy on the morning of my birthday in 2014. He was a tiny little baby squirrel, barely growing any fur yet and his eyes were still closed. I nursed him back to health, he was dehydrated and alone. I woke up every 2 hours throughout every night to feed him and I held him close everyday as often as I could ... his favorite place to sleep was in my shirt. I love him more than words can say and so does my family. My husband adored him and Georgie adored him right back. My husband and I wear his mommy and daddy. One day as I was finishing up feeding Georgie when he was still a tiny one, I noticed his I started opening. It took about 5 minutes for him to open them completely and I was the first thing he ever saw in this world. I cherish that moment as I cherish many many moments. I really expected many more years with my baby squirrel, who wasn't a baby anymore but he was my baby. It came as a surreal shock to me when he got sick because he ate better than anybody in the household... LOL. His favorite was avocado and pecans but he ate kale and spinach and cauliflower and broccoli and carrots and strawberries and blueberries Etc... basically all kinds of fruits and veggies he did not like apples or peanuts, go figure. I will treasure the almost six years I had with my baby, I will always remember him climbing me like a tree and hanging upside down from the top of his mention of a cage so he could get his belly scratched. I will remember him climbing to the top of my husband's head and just perching there because my husband is the tallest in the household and he liked being up high. I can't say how heartbroken I am oh, there are no words. I was the first person he saw in this world when he first opened his eyes and I was the last person he saw in this world when he closed his eyes for the last time. I do believe that all animals have a special place in heaven and my Georgie is scurrying around eating all the avocados there are in heaven. I will miss him dearly and I still think "I got to feed Georgie" only to remember that he's in heaven now, feeling only happiness and bliss climbing our Fathers throne and making Him laugh. I love you Georgie. You brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and I will see you again my baby boy. I'll miss you so much until that day comes.