Online Mememorials


2008 - 2021


We are so glad that we saw you at the adoption event with Frosted Faces. You were so friendly and kind and we knew we wanted you right away. We went to Frosted Faces open house the very next day to pick you up and welcome you into our life. You were around 10 years old when you became part of our family but everyday you acted like a puppy in our home and you made mom and dad very happy. You were one of the bests part of our life these past 2.5 years and we wish you were able to stay with us longer. We wish we were able to cure your sickness, but I want you to know that we did everything in our power to do so. You will always be our baby girl, and we look forward to the day that we are reunited forever. We know that you are out of pain and that gives us comfort, but there will forever be a Frida shaped hole in our hearts. Rest in peace our sweet girl. We love you so very much and we will see you again soon