Online Mememorials


Emily, your kind and gentle soul will forever be missed. From the very vocal greetings to the fluffy cuddles, your presences will be greatly missed. We wrote you a song as we knew your time was near. I hoping you're chasing squirrels and finally getting the rest you need.

Someday, you won't be here,
Cause I know, you got to go.

I know, you're leaving,
and it breaks my heart, to see you go.

But just know, the love you given me.
Not a day will go by that thoughts of you will never leave.

And all I really care is that you are happy and pain free.

But goodbyes, are never goodbyes,
they are filled with tears and heartbroken cries.

But it's time to go, set off and let go.
Run free, be the Emily I know.

And just know that I'll always love you <3