Online Mememorials



On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 14:30 hours, Ebony Neel passed from this world and moved on to Rainbow Bridge.

Before being humanly euthanized I sat with Ebony for an hour rubbing on his head while talking to him. He seemed to appreciate the time we had together and even purred a little bit.

The sad thing is this time I spent with him was probably the only affection he ever encountered. I’m fortunate to have experienced this.

Since September 2019, I’ve been feeding and watering Ebony. Over time I was able to gain his trust. Every time I would deactivate my truck alarm or pull into the parking lot Ebony would come running towards me.

When I would get close to him he would have the softest cry and stand there looking at me. I would then pat or rub on his head. Sometimes he would even hiss at me. He was probably wondering where his ducking food was. Lol!

The last few days have been weird coming home and not seeing him near the broke down Cadillac. I just wish I got to him sooner. Perhaps something could’ve been done sooner.

I chose to have him privately cremated and I should have his remains/urn next week. The vet technician was kind to cut a locket of hair from his tail as a keepsake.

Rest In Peace Ebony! You will be missed!

7-20-20 update: Ebony Neel is finally home. I’ll put his urn next to Calley’s urn on top of my desk.

I think I’ll remove the purple paw print adornment (containing wildflower seeds) and plant it inside a flower pot on my back porch.

I wonder if Ebony’s paw prints were actually stamped into the wood stained clay.