Online Mememorials


2011 - 2019

Today we had to make the tough decision and say goodbye to Ditka. Ditka has been a part of the family since April 2011. What a blessing he has been in our home. A few of his favorite things were chasing squirrels, barking at anything that moved, dinner table snacks, cuddling, kisses, and of course Oinkies!!! About 16 months ago Ditka was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor in his left leg, which was only found when he had an MRI after tearing his ACL. Due to the tumor, he was not a good candidate for surgery. The vet told us that he had only a limited time left, but I did not accept that.
I want to say a special thanks to Orthopets and Handicappets for making items that help pets with special needs. These two companies added an extra 11 months to Ditka’s life. Truly Thankful!!! Another special thanks to Dr. Baas at Spring Branch Vet Hospital for coming to our home and making all of the arrangements so Ditka was able to go in peace in our home.
Ditka, you are truly going to be missed!!! You showed us such unconditional love. I am going to miss you running to the door to greet me, with your tail wagging as fast as it could. But most of all, that smile...that always warmed my heart.
Go in peace and please be sure to give sloppy kisses and cuddles to Butkus for us!!! I know that he is there waiting for you!!!