Online Mememorials



It is with great sadness I announce the passing of our beloved Diesel.

He was 35 years old in dog years. On January 1st his health started to decline, wasn't much longer a tough decision had to be made, diesel entered into rest peaceful surrounded by those who loved him most on January 8, 2019.

Diesel was welcomed into our home April 2013. As a puppy Diesel love to explore the back year, and was a big trouble maker, growing up he like to keep to himself and play tug of war with his rope toys. On hot summer diesel could be found cooling off in his pool eating frozen dog treats. On rainy days he sat on his chair and watched the cars go by. He was a very vocal dog and liked to tell you want was on his mind.

During his last days Diesel was diagnosed with Degenerative myelopathy , a progressive disease of the spinal cord. Diesel tried to fight his condition but ultimately his body was not strong enough.  

Diesel will be missed by many, including Texas and Chevy Nova.