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Dexter Youngblood


Dexter ...........
.......... was originally a gift for a special woman (pictured on the day she adopted him) whom has always wanted a hairless cat. No one really knew at the time that he was packing such an amazing, laid back, easy going personality in such a small frame, but Dexter was. He would randomly get spunky and want to play and run around and be a kitten again (only when it was warm). If the temperature was a degree below 72 you can be sure to find Dexter under a sheet, blanket, pillow, (really anything soft) but most of all you can bet he was curled up nice and warm in his hole.
                              Dexter was an older cat but we weren t ready to say good bye yet.  He would act like an old man at times. He had a routine when he woke up that would include stretching, scratching, eating, drinking, meowing down the hall at absolutely nothing, visit the cat box for his mama to clean immediately, then right back to his hole. He d get grumpy at you if you wanted to play and he didn t, and when he had enough you would know it.
Dexter would ninja sneak into the blankets of the bed as you lay there minding your own business you would all of a sudden notice him sleeping away in your nook. I still don t know if that was his way of showing love or him just trying to steal some body heat from you. We didn t mind either way.
We miss you dearly Dexter, even all of your annoying habits that would drive your mama insane, she would welcome back with open arms just to have you back for one more day €¦.
Loved so much by the Youngblood Family.