Online Mememorials

Daisy Rae

2016 - 2021

My sweet, spunky, friendly, smart, athletic little Daisy....I miss her so very much. I lost her suddenly one week ago, when she wiggled out of her collar and leash. She ran from me in the pet store parking lot (after being groomed so beautifully) and stopped when I called her name. Then she suddenly took a right turn and a car hit her. I saw the accident, shocked but hopeful she would survive. Not even 10 minutes later, the vet in the pet store said my pup didn't make it. In the last week my heart and mind have been crying for her. My friends and acquaintances have shared their sadness and good memories of her. As a Christian, I cling to the hope of seeing my pup along with all the pets I've lost over my lifetime and of course all my loved humans someday in the future. I long to see, hold, hug, kiss, and play with Daisy again. I will love my dog forever, as she was not only my baby, she was my friend. Run with the angels, little girl. I love you forever and ever. 💕