Online Mememorials

Cosmo & Harvey

1/1/02 - 7/19/19

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Harvey and Cosmo.

As litter mates they spent their entire lives together, comforting each other and their human companions. Although they were afraid to go outdoors, they saw almost the entire country through windows. Cosmo, our little escape artist, was able to open nearly any door that got between her and a comfortable hiding place. While Harvey had the uncanny ability to make himself known, whether it be a demand for food or just to let everyone know he was available to be petted.

To you Harvey: wow, wow, wow-wow WOW!

To you Cosmo: mew

They will be eternally remembered, loved, and cherished as our family members and our soul companions. We hope to see you again, waiting for us to join you for eternity, together.


Mom and Dad