Online Mememorials


2016 - 2021

Cinderfella came into our families lives when he was most needed. He filled an emptiness in our lives and another rabbits life we had named Fluffy Nutters. He fought his way to being the alpha bunny and the fights were worthy of being in an MMA arena. He appeared to be small and cute but he was tough. We added another rabbit to the herd named Posey a year after getting Cinderbaby. It was the first time I had ever seen an animal fall in love at first sight. He froze in his tracks upon seeing her for the first time and never dared challenge Posey to any duels. He submitted to her rule and the two of them became a bonded pair. The two of them eventually initiated Fluffy into their herd through some sort of bunny gang initiation ritual and the three of them lived in peace. Until... another rabbit was added to their family named Tink Tink. It was chaos for a time until everyone learned their place in the family. Cinderfella and Posey were king and queen and everyone learned to except it. He was a proud rabbit and petting him was a privilege not a right. He was my little touch-me-not . His favorite things to do were run and binky and explore. Also, he was an amazing jumper and could easily clear anything that was 3ft tall. He would often chase me into the kitchen for the chance of getting some delicious banana or oats. He was the fastest rabbit. My favorite story of him is the time my husband and I were in bed one night and we let the rabbits have free roam of the house at nighttime. Cinderfella was running full speed through our room and jumped on the bed and over my face which quickly woke me up and I literarily reached my hand out and ninja styled grabbed him right before he landed on my husbands face. He was kicking and squirming and swear I could hear him yelling "Let me go!" and my husband woke up with a rabbit dangling over his face. Lets just say we kept our bedroom doors closed at night after that! He constantly made us laugh and he brought a joy and happiness in our life that our family will always be grateful for. Towards the end of his life he became disabled and sick but he kicked and fought his way into the good night. He showed me life should be enjoyed to the fullest, to always be present in the moment, and to love deeply and fight to win. Cinderfella will be missed, you are still so loved, and one day I pray we meet again in the garden under the big red oak tree. It was my favorite place to be with you.