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Charmine Hedden

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Little Sharmy.
You were not only cute, you were smart. A vicious protector for your size and a good little watchdog. You never really met anyone you didn t like but you definitely had your favorites.
You loved going for rides in the truck where your spot was between the armrest and your Daddy s leg. Wriggling and squeezing your way in there when daddy would tease you and not move for you.
You tolerated your Sister as she styled your hair, dressed, babied and generally harassed you as kids will do. You never got mad nor upset with her, just resigned yourself to put up with it.
You let yourself be stuffed into a small bag by Dad to go visit Mom when she was in the hospital, bringing her a little cheer and joy.
You lived a good, pampered life but you were worth it because you brought love and joy to all who met you. You will be remembered and missed always by those who loved you.

Loved by the Hedden's Family