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Chanel No.5 (Chanel)

My Sissy, Big Girl, Pretty Girl & Mama all those names you responded to whenever i would call out to you, You faithfully waited for me until i came back through the door whenever i left until you saw me again. Whenever you woke from a nap i was the first person you looked for and came to.

Chanel, you held on past Rocky for 5 years and even at the end as i held you and cuddled you in my arms your beautiful eyes gave me love that will never be forgotten, Your last evening you fought with all your might to hold on & stay with me because you knew i would be alone now that both you & Rocky have left me.

The kisses you gave me i will never forget and the ones i returned on your forehead i know you loved & appreciated. My heart hurts and i feel i can barely breath from losing you. Sydney(adopted Kitty sister) will eventually feel the silence of losing you as well.

We love you Sissy,
Mommy, Daddy, Boy and Big Sissy.