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In loving memory...........

.....................of Cali girl you are the sweetest little Callie Kitty that came up to us on Madison's birthday 2 years ago and just sat in my lap as we carve pumpkins you were the sweetest thing for being a stray you loved any and everyone that came up to you you have the sweetest face it's really hard to see you gone now you were a big part of the family your sweetness your personality will all be missed we miss seeing your face and your meow and miss having you come love on us when we come home from work or cuddle up when we were laying on the couch you are the sweetest Ray we've ever seen you will truly be missed and his family all of your Kitty friends miss you as much as we do have fun in Kitty heaven and don't forget to play with Mr. Marley and be nice love the Hernandez Family.