Online Mememorials

C.C. Love Garcia

2015 - 2022

C.C Love Garcia, returned to heaven on May 4th 2022.
C.C was gifted to the world on July 14th 2015.
She had many names: Tutz, Honey bunchies, Little girl, and Princess.
She was a blessing to our family and the fifth member, C.C was not just our dog she was a sister, a daughter, and a loyal friend. In many ways C.C was a human, she was very intelligent. She knew many tricks and understood English and Spanish and oftentimes communicated in a form of sign language.
She had many favorite words but one of her favorites was Pollo (Chicken).
Much like her middle name, she showed much love and affection to every relative in her family, she enjoyed meeting new people and playing with them, although she was greedy with her toys. She loved showing off in front of people, and having attention on her at all times, she enjoyed being dressed up in clothes whether it be a halloween costume or a pink tutu.

C.C managed to steal everyone’s heart through her adorable face and her various poses, she loved to sleep and cuddle her toys, she could always be heard snoring in her sleep.
C.C always managed to make days brighter, her playful and loving nature always captivated our attention and brought a smile upon our faces, she somehow knew when you were feeling sad or when you needed love. An abundant source of happiness was what C.C was, she formed a deep connection with each member of her family, without even speaking.
Everyday with C.C was an adventure, she filled a spot in our family we had no idea we were missing. C.C will be dearly missed, from her loud commanding barks to her constant staring and prancing, she certainly made sure we knew she was the princess of our home.

May C.C Love Garcia, rest in the arms of the Lord, who created a beautiful and loving Pug that fulfilled her purpose by spreading love and happiness to those she considered her family.
“ I loved you, your whole life, I'll miss you for the rest of mine.”