Online Mememorials


Brownie Griffith stole my heart when she was only 8 weeks old. She was too tiny to climb the steps on her own and so I would carry her. She was always at my side. She added happiness to my life and would always paw at me to get my attention. She loved going for walks and riding in the car. When the girls were small she would ride shotgun to pick them up from school. She was always so happy to see them. She greeted me happily at the door whenever I would get home and quickly run to the ottoman where I would pick her up and tell her how much I missed her. It was our thing. One of her favorite pastimes was sunning in the backyard. She was always eager to run up and down the fence barking at the neighbor dogs. She kept our cats in line and would chase them if they scratched on the furniture. I was told that when she was born she was the runt of the litter, and her breeder affectionately referred to her as little sister. She would fuss at her siblings. Brownie did remain small in size for her entire life. For being so small she definitely was fearless and I don’t believe she had any idea she was a small dog. She was ready to take on anything. I miss you Brownie. I love you Brownie -everyday!! You will forever have my heart.