Online Mememorials

Bo Joseph

Anytime I felt my life was at it's lowest point. Bo was there to remind me that HE needed to be fed, and walked. So snap out of it. And let's get dinner going.

Up to the end, one thing I knew for sure. He was my protector and best friend. I will miss you, Bo.

And I want to say a special thank you to the folks at The Pet Loss Center in Tampa. When I called them this morning, Holly answered the phone. I couldn’t speak, I just blurted out that I don’t know how to do this. She said very calmly. Take a deep breath. Now what is your name? An hour later two technicians arrived to pick up Bo’s body. From the moment they stepped out of their vehicle, they showed respect and especially when they moved Bo’s body to back to their vehicle. After they secured his body, they asked me if I wanted to say my final goodbye. They stepped away from the vehicle and allowed me to say goodbye. From the moment Holly said hello on the phone to when the two technicians drove off. I knew Bo’s journey to be cremated would be handled with respect.