Online Mememorials

Bo Castillo

2009 - 2021

Thank you Bo for being my best friend.

Bo enjoyed everything that he loved and although he could not say goodbye to everyone, he slept by my side last night and passed away peacefully. He's is now over the rainbow bridge with Bear, Trooper, Oz and all the other puppies and kitties greeting him. He was the best puppy and loved everyone. I thank you Bo for being in my life and being my best friend. You are my number one fan, you put up with my awful singing and love the drumming. We would kill the enemies together. I know how you would run to go do that. I'll never forget playing monster almost every night. Making the puppies crazy about playing laser. It was your addiction. You loved the walks but enjoyed the car rides much better and I remember when brother brought you home from your walks and you saved two little stray kitties Bonnie and Clyde saving their lives, as it was going to freeze that night. I remember when you alerted us that there was a baby dove that fell in our pool and Mommy helped nurse that dove back to where she now visits every year. I'm so glad we had a puppy that loved our pool and the pool parties, barbecues, our Sunday fundays. Playing Basketball, chase, games, and barking at chemtrail plains flying over our backyard. How dare those planes fly over.

You always help me set up our garden every year, you would make sure that Mr Squirrel and the birds stayed out of it. You were the easiest puppy ever to potty train and when you were tired, you knew it. You would stomper straight to bed but it took Mommy calling bedtime to start that run. I will never forget our road trips to the bluebonnets, Colorado, Galveston and throughout the area. Puppuccinos was your Starbucks thing. I also will never forget the times playing with Mr squirrel as he threw sticks and twigs at you and Buddy. The day of seven different baths playing in the mud and your smiles after each clean, sleek, sexy, and aerodynamic haircut from Emma. You loved when Aimee and Moe would visit. Your ecstatic joy when brother came home after 2 years gone. I remember such a little fur ball chasing the kitty up under the tables and coffee table until you realize you were too big to fit under there again. The phantom knocks and "Timmy in the well!" All the big bones at Christmas time bigger than you and that missing chew toy that was buried in the backyard uncovered years later when I was working in the garden. Oh I'll n never forget when that car ride where the window froze and almost choked you and I had to slam on the brakes to help you get loose. You then decided you would sit in the console and stick your head out the sunroof from now on. Many times as we drive down the road with people looking, smiling, and waving. You always were a girl magnet and I'll never forget each summer playing water football. Your first time in the pool you were so exhausted we were teaching you how to swim, you slept in Mommy's arms and when I was sick you slept in mine. Your last time playing water football with us last year, you slept so well and comfortably on the couch. You stayed at our side at Mommy and my wedding. You were always there for us.

I remember the very first Thanksgiving where you sat at the table waiting for your food like a grown man, you were just a pup with a big smile. " Mom, I'm ready for my plate". Then every Thanksgiving y'all would have your own turkey dinner. Mommy and I would hug you had to join and it became our group hugs. Whenever you were sick, Mommy always made you feel better. It was I that you would always stay close to and when I was sick you jumped up in my lap and slept with me to make sure I was okay. Your first girl friend was Robin, you gave your first friend Rocky and annoying time. You accepted the new girl next door, Roxy and you took in Papi, Minnie, and Snowy and kitties. Your bud was Buddy, and you let Max and Lil girl and two foster rescues run with us for a while. I'll never forget that one day one Mommy even made a pot roast and set it out on the counter and you helped yourself to it. Lol.

So many memories to say still but Tuesday, the day you fell ill my best friend, that morning started so comically with the rain and the mud from all the other pups, and you were just looking like they were a bunch of crazed fools. You helped me one last time in the garden. Enjoying the sun and pool. You were the best coworker ever and you made my job, my life so much better. You were the most cute little fur ball no bigger than my hand from the first bath to the big beautiful boy today with his last bath last week.

Last night I knew and you just wanted to hear it's okay. You told us you'll be okay, your eyes said it all. You were very protective of us all the way to the end and I thank you sweet boy for always being by my side. You closed your eyes and went to sleep one final time at my side. We love you Bo. We hope to see you again greeting us Bobo, when it is our time to see the light.