Online Mememorials


2000 - 2018

My precious Binky was sent to the Lord on June 27th. He loved us so that he couldn't leave even though he was so sick. We made a decision for him. Binky, you are so loved. Everyday was a joy for us. You came in to our lives at a difficult time and brought everything together for us. Your smile, your beautiful pearly whites, your pom pom ears and snowcone head were just beautiful. I loved how you primped around and ran as if you were the King of the Hill. In fact, you were the King of our hilltop and now you are with our mighty King. I asked our Lord to save and take your soul. We baptized you with prayer and holy water. I know you are in Heaven now and we can continue life knowing that you crossed the Rainbow. May you play and rough and tumble with your little brother Lancelot. Until we meet again, Mommy and Daddy will miss you and love you every day. Be good my little prince........sleep soundly and if you hear us cry it's because of our love for you. We are happy for you that you are in heaven. If you see us, nudge us a little. I will be searching for a sign that you are so near. I hope I see you soon in my dreams......Goodnight my precious Emperor.....We love you, Mommy, Daddy and your little brother Artie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo