Online Mememorials

Ben Habetz

2019 - 2021

Ben, your love for chasing woods critters and eating leftovers will be burned in our memories forever. May no coon go un-chased, may no opossum get away over the rainbow bridge. You were the happiest, most loving, and funniest 60 pound lap dog I’ve ever come to know and love. You did not know a stranger and you were in love with babies. I wish you could be here whenever dad and I have baby humans of our own! You would have been the best big brother!
Mom and dad miss you so much. The house feels so empty and quiet. We miss your white fur on our socks and clothes. I miss seeing your sweet Ben face in the door whenever I get home from work. You had the best personality. One that I don’t think I’ll ever find in another dog. Truly one of a kind! Always so happy!
We miss our Ninja Ben, our Land Shark... dad said he was sad looking at your racetrack around the chicken yard; you’re paw prints are still there. Your sister, Gracie, misses you, too. I let her lay on your bed and blankey because I knew you would want to snuggle her. I wish you could have gone on a duck hunt with her this season. We were excited for summer to work with you more so you could be as good as her!
Ben, you changed our lives the day that person dumped you in our yard when you were a puppy. Dad didn’t want me to know then but, last night, he admitted to me that he thought you were the cutest thing. I would have gone into debt to save your life. Our hearts are so broken. We love you so much, Bub! My boy. My Ben forever🤍