Online Mememorials


2005 - 2021

Belle, God blessed us by bringing you into our lives. My little mate, my little shadow. How I miss you! My life changed forever when Belle moved into our house. I had never expected to adopt a second cat when I first met Belle. When I picked Belle up from among her siblings, I told her that her name would be Belle and that she would be named after my favorite Disney Princess from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Belle was loving, affectionate, patient and very smart. Belle loved to do ‘nose to nose’ with me and she loved it when I massaged her head! When Belle first moved in, she wanted to sleep next to our other cat but he didn’t want anything to do with her. I invited her to sleep with me and from that moment on she slept next to me up until the day she left us, sixteen years and four and a half months later. How she loved eating her dry food from her plate as I held the plate and she ate from it. And as for her drinking water, she loved it when I pour the bottle water into her bowl and she drank from it as if it were a fountain. The water from her water bowl that Belle splashed all over the floor was a daily routine that I had to clean up. Two months before she left us, she had stopped drinking from the bottle water and there was no more water to clean up on the floor and I saw that Belle was having a hard time picking up her dry food as well as her can cat food. I knew something was wrong and that her time with us was growing short. I have such wonderful loving memories of Belle that will be with me FOREVER! Belle, you will NEVER EVER be forgotten! The cancer that took you away from us is gone and you are not hurting anymore. You are now running around and enjoying heaven pain free and are with your great uncle Azreal and your other family members. Rest in peace Belle. May God bless you Momma Baby.