Online Mememorials

Bailey Feld-Smoot

2005 - 2018

Our Pretty Boy Bailey. From the first day we met you our hearts were taken. You are and always will be Mamas soul mate and love of her life. Mama and Dad couldn't of asked for a better little boy than you were. You are truly amazing, compassionate, sensitive, talkative and smart. Thank you for always being there for your mama and getting her through some very difficult times. You always knew when we were sad, or if something was wrong. When you got sick all we could think about is to get you well, but it seemed like we could never find the right vet here until we found the one in Japan. Our hearts are broken and we are so sorry that we couldn't get you to your heart surgery on time in September. Mama feels like she failed as a parent. We don't know how we are going to get along without you. Mama, Dad, and Christmas will miss you and we will always keep you close to our broken hearts. Until we meet again "Pretty Boy" find grandma and I hope you are the one to greet us when our time comes.

We truly love you Bailey.
Always your Mama, Dad and Christmas