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Annabelle lee

2005 - 2021

My sweet Annabelle only had sixteen sweet years in her little body before she had to say goodbye. AB’s health took a steep decline over the weekend and after a few tests to confirm our worst fears, we decided to help her cross the 🌈 bridge yesterday.

I am absolutely devastated and still carrying her collar from room to room so she can “go to work” with me, watch tv with the fam or sleep in the sun while her birds chirp. But despite this hollow heart I have right now, I wouldn’t have given up the opportunity to be this nuggets’ momma for anything! 💔

You’re the best Annabelle Lee there ever was or ever will be and I could not love you more. Rest and run in peace.

Thank you North Lamar Vet Clinic/Dr. Spellman and Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice/Dr. Carver (Austin) for taking such good care of my baby.