Online Mememorials


2014 - 2019

Amber, our 5 year old Siberian Husky and the most beautiful lady we have known, was with us for only 8 months. We rescued her with stage 3 heartworms, but she never quit fighting. She delighted us with her love, appreciation, telling us what to do, and waking us up in the morning. Many times she returned her food to the kitchen until we served what she wanted, and then she would eat it like a princess in a very delicate fashion. Her favorite food was Ceasar's, Heritage Ranch Antioxidant Blend treats and chicken, especially mixed with natural chicken broth. She loved to sit in the back of the 4Runner looking out the rear window and admiring life. Amber came into our life at a difficult time after losing two incredibly awesome doggie boys, Arroz & Arlo. She helped us mourn and celebrate their lives as part of the healing process, and we will do the same for her as difficult as it can be, one lick at a time, just like she did. Love Always & Forever.