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Alaska lopez

2010 - 2013

Alaska drew her last breath yesterday morning, May 23, 2023, at approximately 10:20 am. Alaska, name chosen by big sister Hannah Lopez, was a 100% pure breed female German Shepherd canine. Alaska was born in Channelview, Texas, in January 2010, and adopted by The Lopez family 6 weeks later in February 2010, to live with her Forever Family in her Forever Home for the remainder of her life [13 1/2 looong joyful years]. Alaska was a phenomenal dog, very loving, very sweet, hyper in her younger years, and sometimes she thought she was a human. She watched TV with us, and I mean literally, she watched and followed the screen, particularly when she would join us in our media room to watch a movie [see photo’s 😊], she tried to eat with us at our table, closely monitoring who might drop food on the floor for her to speedily devour, and more often than not, she “appeared” to actually listen to our conversations with her attentive gaze. When Hannah was struggling years ago with self harm and deep rooted depression Alaska was constantly there by Hannah’s side, licking Hannah’s wounds and even licking the tears off her face when she cried. Many times when we, as Hannah’s parents, didn’t have the answers to help our child, Alaska’s mere presence did, which goes to prove how

Alaska’s favorite foods: American Cheese, Kroger de-boned rotisserie chicken, Popeye’s de-boned fried chicken, Doritos….

Alaska’s favorite snack: Chicken jerky

Alaska’s favorite place: With her family

Loves: Daddy, Hannah, Jesse IV, cheese, and Mom - in that order. She did love mom, and mom loved her. But often times Mom’s agitation with the endless dog odors and the impossible to tame, never ending shedding was likely felt by her. Pets can pick up on that stuff. Alaska, though a large canine, was primarily an indoor dog. She preferred to be inside the house with the family more than anywhere else in the world, which makes perfect sense considering that we live in HOT, HUMID 🥵 Houston, Texas. Her favorite times were when the whole family was home together at the same time, in the same room where she would lay in the center of us all, listening intently to whatever the conversation happen to be. Additional favorites of Alaska’s was visiting Bay Area Dog Park, Bark Park, Large Field Dog Socialization (particularly loved the off-collar socialite portion), CHEESE, Doritos, steak, “rough housing” with Daddy, sleeping in mom & dads bedroom, cuddles, kisses, BELLY SCRATCHES, most visitors

Alaska was not a fan of: Thunder, family vacations without her 😞, wet grass, PetSmart (kinda), daddy/son “rough housing” together (it created too much excitement, causing Alaska anxiety), trips to the Vet (kinda), Texas humidity, being left alone at home, getting her claws trimmed, being in the backyard [Texas heat and humidity makes the outdoors often times unbearable].