Online Mememorials

Abby Lutz

2009 - 2020

My sweet baby girl were the love of my life! You made laugh a were the sunshine in my first “good morning” and last goodnight kiss every loved for me to whisper (Mama loves Abby, Abby is a pretty girl, Abby is a good girl,” over and over again as I rubbed your head) to you all day, and especially as I tucked you in my bed every night.
Your favorite words were, “Abby go bye-bye with mama.”
You knew that meant you were going for a drive with your head hanging out the window and the wind blowing in your face.
You were the absolute sweetest baby ever and you made my life complete.
I no longer hear your little footsteps on the hardwood aren’t sitting at the foot of the shower door waiting for me to come out!
There is no barking when the doorbell rings now😢😢😢💔💔💔
The heartache I feel everyday now is indescribably painful…my heart hurts for you all day long and I’ve never missed anyone as much as miss you!
I wish you had stayed with a little left way too soon!
You are forever in my heart and always on my mind.
RIP my sweet angel girl!
I love you now and forever more!♥️💔😢😇