Online Mememorials


2006 - 2021

We adopted our sweet Zoey May 04, 2007 from a local shelter. They said he was 1 yr old at that time. We didn't know his birthday so we always used that date. He had become old & in lots of pain barely able to walk at times. On May 04, 2021 we laid our beloved fur baby to rest. I received the certificate of cremation showing he had been cremated a few days later on my birthday. We love Zoey with all our hearts. It's been a tough couple of weeks. We are just so glad to have had 14 yrs for my boys to grow up into adults while sharing their lives and love with Zoey. He was a big part of our lives in every way! We know he is resting and is no longer in pain now. We had a funny & long nick name we called him right after we got him. He had been called Little Bit but we didn't want to keep that name. My husband at the time kept calling him Bob until we decided on a permanent name. We took him to get neutered a few days after we got him and he had to wear what the kids called a lamp shade. I don't even remember why they called him Belly Button. lol
We Love You Always Little Bit, Lamp Shade, Belly Button, Bob... Zoey