Online Mememorials

Sir Hubble Pinkerton (AKA Trouble)

You came to us 17 years ago as a tiny ball of fluff. I took you out of the carrier and you nestled in my lap and started purring your heart out. It was within minutes that the other two cats accepted you as one of their own family. You and your brother, Dr. Hush Puppy romped around the house, leaping into the air and always getting into mischief (which is why we nick-named you Trouble.

You matured through the years and became my snuggle buddy- curling up with me at night, and you followed me around the house to be close to me.Your shiny white soft fur glistened and your deep blue eyes gazed at me showering me with love, compassion and and inordinate trust.

17 years pass much too fast....I held you in my arms ... when it was time for you to leave us. You slowly went to sleep.. purring, my hands running over your fur.. whispering into your ear how much I love you.. telling you that you will always be with me by my side.. even though it was time for you to fly away.. sweetly, gently... surrounded by those that cherished you. I miss you little one...