Online Mememorials


2007 - 2021

Dear Razputin,

Momma loved you before she even held your little paw. I remember looking on the site, and they had 12 pups available. I got to number 3 and he had this look in his eyes that said "are you my momma". That's right buddy, you were magical number 3! I messaged them right away and never looked at 4 through 12... they weren't you and I didn't need them!

I remember holding you on the way home, just 2.4lbs with stumpy little legs, a round tummy and ears longer then your nose. I was smitten the moment I held you on my chest. I made you a promise, you would never be abused, never not know love and you'd always be mine till your last breath.

We've had some amazing adventures, weiner dog races, dog parks and meeting your favorite celebrity crusoe!

We've also had our dark times, but you and I kid, we're thick as honey. No one stuck by me through thick and thin like you. Screw everyone else, you were going with your momma!

You made me the vet tech I am today. I see you every day in every pet, "Treat them as of they were Raz" has been my motto in all things in my field. I've held their paws and only saw yours. I've helped their mommy's say goodbye, then looked down and saw only you and I. You've made me more compassionate and understanding. I know you will always be over my shoulder, doing the same.

You made me the human I am. Your soul is the most pure thing I've ever seen. You've never had a mean bone in your body to any living thing (that 1 stuffed rhino doesn't count... I saw how he looked at you). I knew no matter how bad my day was, you would be there, so excited to see me and change any mood into utmost joy instantly! I strive every day to be the human you saw me as 🥰

You are and have always been my heart dog. Which is fitting because a part of my heart must have transferred to you. Maybe it was every time my heart broke over something, you picked it up and kept it for your own. You held it all together so I could wake up and be who I was meant to be.

Rest easy my sweet prince,and know that momma will think of you and miss you to her last breath. Please know I expect to see you first running across that bridge when I come. I expect to get your kisses and hold your little paw. I will surly be in desperate need of Razzle Dazzle time! Thank you for everything, you and I were meant to walk this road together. Even though there are tears in my eyes, please know given the chance I would do it all over again, just to see you!

Love forever and ever
Momma K