Online Mememorials


2019 - 2020

Raven was a beautiful black cat who loved me and many other people who crossed her path. Her estimated birth is around December 2019, I got her in Jan 2020 after I came back from Colorado from a ski trip. This friend of mine rescued her and I was sooooo excited to be getting another black cat. I loved her so much. My Toothless, my first black cat was pregnant and Raven started to show that she was pregnant as well. Two weeks ago, toothless had her babies and raven didn’t. I wasn’t too worried till about last week when she completely stopped eating, she wanted me to hold her all the time, wanted that comfort. She could barely walk and she mostly slept. She passed away on Thursday, AuguSt 27th around 3 or 4 something and passed away in my arms. I lost a best friend, a mate that wasn’t like any friend I have had. She knew she was gonna die and she wanted me to comfort her till the end. I will forever be reliving her soul as if she was still alive. I wanted her to meet my daughter who will be born in October but it’s oky, I know she isn’t suffering anymore. I love you Raven