Online Mememorials


Since I moved to Texas from Ohio in 2013 I had been wanting a pet and companion. However, with my job I travel often which made it difficult for me to get a dog as a pet. I decided to go for what I thought was the next best thing, a cat, which turned out to be the best thing! I found a local shelter where I looked at the adoptable cats online. That’s when I saw Peekaboo. On April 2nd, I went to the shelter to see her and left there shortly after bringing Boo to her new forever home. Since Peekaboo was already 5 years old, and I found her name to be absolutely adorable, I did not change it, but added nicknames for her. When she wasn’t called Peekaboo, it was Boo, Boo Baby, Boosie Woosie, Peekie, or Peek. I would often say “Peekaboo I see you!” or “Peekaboo Where are You?!” Her name was as perfect as she was. Peekaboo occasionally would like to play with her jingle ball toys. She really liked her scratch pad, but her favorite thing to do was dance. She danced on all of my soft blankets kneading them with her little paws. She especially loved doing this early in the morning to wake me up on my back or my stomach. Boo was a very relaxed cat who loved mainly to lounge around the apartment, and be queen of the house. You could always find her on the bed, curled up on a blanket, or on the chase. Occasionally she liked to explore sitting in my closet, the sink, on the towels in the linen cabinet, under the bed, on top of my cabinets in the kitchen, and on my dresser. Boo also enjoyed spending some time outside on my balcony where I would hold her on my lap, or she would lay on the patio table. She enjoyed the fresh air and her time we spent outside once and awhile. Peek also loved being brushed! She purred so much and would roll over so I could get all the sides when brushing her each day. She was full of love for me and be able to love her was the absolute best. We watched TV together, took car rides, cuddled, snoozed, looked out the window, and she was my co-worker each day while I worked from home. Boo even got to travel with me as she went on vacation to a Florida beach house with my mom and I this summer. She got to be a jet setter and travel across the country to FL and see the ocean. I could not have found a better cat, or best friend. She was perfect and the sweetest little girl. I would not have changed one thing about her, only to have gotten to spend more of my life with her and to have continued giving her more of the best days of her life.