Online Mememorials


2008 - 2021

My Sweet Sweet Boy Max had to be put down on 7/5/21. He was 12.5 and suffering from cancer. We said our goodbyes and watched him as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He wasnt just a dog he was my baby. He was there when I brought both my kids home from hospital, there through 5 military deployments, 3 states/moves, he was there when I battled depression and for each anxiety attack, he was there for my divorce, the loss of my kitty Sammie almost 3 years ago. He was the absolute best dog ever. Never growled or bit or snapped at me or my kids, Never destroyed or chewed anything, always gentle and just sweet as could be. My heart is broken and I don't know if it will ever be ok again. He was always there when I was sad and now he's gone. My Sweet Max aka Macaroni Nov 22 2008- July 5 2021. Run free.. No more pain.. Gone but NEVER forgotten. I Love you always sweet boy. I will see you again someday. 😭💔🌈