Online Mememorials

• Macy •

I adopted Macy from Operation Kindness when she was only two months old. She was the smallest and most timid of her litter mates, but her "radar" ears and soulful brown eyes captured me. Macy lived the pampered life of a princess, with all the things she preferred, including gourmet treats, ice cubes in her water dish (always), and daily belly rubs. Although she was a Chihuahua mix (the Vet said she was a terrier mix because of her thick fur), she rarely barked. Instead, whenever the doorbell rang or someone came into the house, she would retreat to her comfortable bed in my bedroom and wait until the "intruder" was gone. Macy never liked car rides though. She would howl all the way to our destination if I put her in the back seat. And even if I placed her in the front seat with me, she would howl unless I constantly rubbed her head or back. But, when we would reach our destination, everyone wanted to rub her fur or hold her... and she would let them, which always surprised me! Macy was my loving, loyal companion for twelve-and-a-half years, and I will always miss her and cherish my time with her.