Online Mememorials

K9 Turbo

Died – 7/15/18
Handler – Officer Douglas Deiso

CPWDA is sad to announce the passing of retired K9 Turbo who was handled by Officer Doug Deiso of the Stamford Police Department. Officer Deiso made the hard, painful but loving decision today to end his loyal partner’s suffering and had Turbo euthanized. Officer Deiso and K9 Turbo were members of the CPWDA joining on 7/1/10. K9 Turbo will be missed greatly by all members of the CPWDA and the greater K9 community and the town on Stamford. CPWDA sends our thoughts and prayers to Officer Doug Deiso, his family, Stamford Police Department and friends during this difficult time. RIP Turbo and thank you for your service.