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Dot Dot (Dottie, Polka Dot, Dottie-Whatie, Baby Girl)

2006 - 2021

Dot (Dottie, Polka Dot, Baby Girl) passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on the evening of September, 14. Dottie is survived by her human mom and dad, Jennifer and Ed, and her human brothers, Forrest and Thaddeus. She was preceded in death by her cat brothers, Zen Bear, and nemesis, Echo, a siamese cat who never let any living being forget that he was here first. Dottie was a wonderful companion who was the best camping buddy, co-worker, and friend. She loved camping, hiking, popcorn, fetch, barking at family, friends, and strangers to make sure you knew “I can see you!”, but most of all she loved her family. We were blessed to have had 15 years with what we believe is the world’s most perfect dog and it’s hard to imagine our life without her. A house that is no longer filled with the frenzied, high pitch barking of a beautiful creature that can no longer hear herself will be missed. Goodbye, Baby Girl, we miss you.