Online Mememorials

Bailey and Sasha

My best friends have left this earth together on July 15,2016. I hope there truly is a heaven and I will get to be with them again. What wonderful friends they were to each other and to me and my partner. They were people in a fur suit. We have been blessed to have them both for so long and in great health most of their lives until the end. Gone but never forgotten!
Thank you girls for your love.

Tell us the ‘story’ of your pet: I could tell you so many funny stories I wouldn’t know where to start. Everyday they made me smile. The Friday mornings we got to go for a car ride and hang their heads out the windows on our journey to go to McDonald’s so they could get their egg. To the times you would say “Squirrel and they would tear out the doggie door to run them off. The times I had to watch my Silver Schnauzer when I was having happy hour at home as she loved to sneak a lap of my cocktail or champagne.
What I wanted to also say is Thank you Pet Loss Center. You were there for both of my girls at the end of their life. You handled them with the utmost dignity and respect. I picked up their remains and the presentation and the care that went into was unbelivable. I loved the fact you took their actual paw print and put in in stone for me to keep forever. You took a tuff of their hair and placed it in a little bag. Everything was top notch.
Thank you and your staff for all the care you gave our furry children, you helped make their journey a pleasant and memorable one to cross over the rainbow.
Carol- Dallas.